Difference between Highway and Highway?

The fundamental difference between a motorway and a dual carriageway is that circulation on the former is subject to payment. On the other hand, driving on the highways is free. But there are many more details that differentiate these two types of roads that you may not know.

What is a highway?

It is a road made for the circulation of automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and any other motorized vehicle, whether for cargo or passengers. Highways represent one of the main axes of the changing network in different countries, especially those that are more developed. Highways were conceived to relieve traffic and to provide a faster circulation option than conventional highways. On highways you can circulate with greater circulation, since these have more security measures than conventional circulation routes.

Characteristics of highways

The highways have been privately managed and, therefore, paid for. In the same way, these must have different characteristics and are the following:

  • Two traffic bands, one for each direction, must be separated by a regulatory space, the so-called median.
  • They must have a minimum of two traffic lanes for each side.
  • Your curves should be of little pronunciation.
  • The highway must not contain grade crossings. If they are necessary, they must be carried out through upper or lower passages,
  • The left lane is the fastest, therefore, it is the one considered for overtaking vehicles while driving; For its part, the right lane is used for slower traffic and where the motorway exits and entrances should be found.
  • Another important point to note is that most highways have tolls. Vehicles cannot circulate for free on them and must pay a certain price.
  • Motorways are taken as fast circulation roads and therefore there is a minimum speed of circulation. For this reason, some vehicles have restricted circulation.

What is Highway?

It is a circulation road with characteristics similar to motorways. But in this situation, the highways are for public use and domain and, therefore, circulation on this type of road is free. Likewise, there are different singularities that differentiate them from highways.

Characteristics of highways

In the same way as highways, highways have their own characteristics, and they are the following:

  • Highways have a minimum of two traffic lanes in each direction.
  • It is for special and exclusive use for motorized vehicles.
  • The highways do not cross any road, path or railway line and, in the same way, they are not crossed by any type of road or bypass.
  • Motorway entrances and exits are not subject to motorway safety criteria
  • They do not have total control of entry and exit, that is, that access to it can be given through other points, and not only through the links or acceleration lanes.

Difference between dual carriageway and highway

  • Well, the main difference is that on most highways (although this depends on the country) a toll is charged. For their part, the highways are free transit and do not require any payment.
  • Highways may have access to adjoining properties; while, on the other hand, highways are not characterized by this, but rather require a service road to gain access to them.
  • The unevenness and sharp curves in most cases are present on highways; On the other hand, highways are designed in such a way that vehicles can maintain a constant speed.
  • On expressways, the shoulders are usually narrower, compared to motorways.
  • It is important to mention that highways are generally old roads, conventional routes that have not been altered. On the other hand, highways are planned based on the needs according to their current situation.

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