What is the difference between Blackberry and Raspberry?

Blackberries are berries that come from various plant species, they are often confused with other berries that come from another genus of plants. Blackberries come from plants of the genus Morus or mulberry trees and raspberries come from plants of the genus Rubus or brambles.


The edible fruits produced by various plant species are known as blackberries, which have a similar appearance and very common characteristics. In general, the fruits of plants of the genus Morus are often confused with those of the genus Rubus. The blackberry is a polydrupe, that is, it is formed by the union of small drupes, which have a very tiny seed. They have a size that goes from 1 cm to 3 cm depending on the species.

The color also varies according to the species, the morus nigra is white when immature, turns red and then, when mature, turns black. The morus alba when ripe is white. Each blackberry has a distinctive flavor, but the most favored flavors are sweet and sour.


The common raspberry comes from the perennial shrub that belongs to the rubus idaeus species, although it can come from any plant of the Rubus genus. It is an easy-to-grow plant that can easily spread unless kept under control. The raspberry is a polydrupe with a very strong and sweet flavor.

Fruits in late summer or early fall. It is similar to the blackberry, but it is smaller and softer. It is a fruit with large amounts of ellagic acid, a substance that can prevent various types of cancer. Dark-colored raspberries are rich in anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant that can prevent tissue degeneration.

Differences between blackberries and raspberries

  • Raspberries are polydrupes that come from plants of the Rubus genus.
  • Blackberries are polydrupes that come from plants of the Morus genus.
  • Raspberries have a characteristic hole in the center and are more pinkish in color, although there are blue varieties.
  • The blackberries do not have holes and have dark tones.
  • The flavor of blackberries is more acidic.
  • The taste of raspberries is sweeter.
  • The blackberry has elongated seeds.
  • Raspberry has rounder seeds.
  • Blackberries have a stem of 0.5 cm.
  • Raspberries lose their stems when removed from the plants.
  • The blackberry is softer than the raspberry.

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