What is SMMA? Digital Marketing Agency. Expert level.

The acronym SMMA in English Social Media Marketing Agency means Communication Media Agency is a business model focused on providing services to companies or individuals to manage digital marketing including social networks with the aim of attracting customers and increasing sales.

If you are interested in specializing in SMM (social media marketing) you have to learn to use each of the available digital marketing tools from social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), SEO, SEM, SMO, E-mail marketing, optimization of website, among others in order to increase sales of a company.

These acronyms (SEO, SEM, SMO) and their meanings can be learned in a marketing master’s degree, however, when you finish the master’s degree, you will have questions such as:

What do I do with knowing that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing?

How do I apply all this?

Feeling this way is something “normal” and I say “normal” because the logical thing is to leave a master’s degree knowing how to apply concepts in actions that give results.

I will tell you my story, a year ago I did a master’s degree in marketing and commercial management when I finished the master’s degree together with the rest of my classmates, despite the fact that we had learned a lot of concepts, nobody taught us how to put theory into practice, design strategies and actions that work in the real world.

Did we know how to create a marketing plan? Yes, but from theory that at the time of applying it it did not work as expected.

I’ll give you an example, after graduation, I got a job in a company that sold sports products online, when I started I saw that marketing managers did product giveaways through social networks in order to increase followers.

It was interesting to see that at the beginning of the draw they gained followers but at the end they lost them, people only followed them for the reward, when analyzing the results of the campaigns they did not generate sales.

What’s the point of increasing followers if you don’t generate sales?

Many times the mistake is made of creating marketing campaigns without objectives or with inadequate objectives that do not give results. What happened was that they did not have a clear strategy on how to transform a giveaway into a sales channel.

They did not know how to take users through the sales funnel, to convert each person who decided to participate in the draw into a buyer.

I’m talking about marketing graduates, only nobody taught them how to transform concepts and theory into results.

If you are hired as head of marketing and commercial management, your objective is to generate leads and increase sales, if what you want is to start your own agency, your objective is the same and if you cannot generate sales, you are not doing your job well. It is not about increasing followers or creating content, companies want results.

Unfortunately, a master’s degree is not enough to learn how to generate results, in my case it was not until I discovered SMMA and studied each of the parts of the business in depth that I began to understand and apply strategies that I was not taught in business school.

As you will see, a digital marketing agency has many components, it is like a puzzle, it is not only about learning what each piece means, you also have to learn to put them together to implement strategies that work.

I give you another example; the acronym SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which means optimization of a web page in search engines, so that your page is the first in the google search engine when someone searches for a topic related to your website, what they taught us in the master’s degree it was “Content is king” which means that within the more than 200 factors considered by google to position a web page in the first results, content is the most important. And the truth is that if you are not on the first page of google nobody sees you.

However, nobody taught us how to create content that is capable of reaching the first place, how to do an analysis of the competition, how many words an article must have to be considered by google to be in the first places, how to structure the information, in conclusion how to achieve results.

And like this one, I can give you hundreds of examples, do you want another one? In a master’s degree you will learn the difference between pull marketing and push marketing, but nobody explains what types of products or services you have to promote with a push or pull strategy or in which cases it is convenient to use both.

An even simpler example doesn’t teach you how to create a Facebook campaign through Ads Manager; the amateur generates a FB campaign by creating the publication and then gives it promote allowing FB to decide how he wants to promote the ad; the professional never uses the promote button on the main page, goes to ads manager and defines the parameters of the campaign.

If no one teaches this in a master as you can pretend to know, you need people who are in the real world, who are already generating results and explain all the techniques and tricks you need to know so that you can also generate the same or better results for yourself. company or for your clients.

What did I do to learn everything that they didn’t teach me in the master’s degree and that was vital if I wanted to develop as a marketing professional?

I decided to investigate, there had to be someone who had the answers to my doubts, I knew that the solution was not in traditional education, another master’s degree would probably leave me in the same situation, in addition to how expensive they are.

Look for program after program, with a single objective, whoever taught the program had to have results in real life, if he could not demonstrate that his strategies gave results, I was not interested, in addition to this it had to be a program that was updated to 2019 because the digital world changes so fast that it is very easy to fall behind.

I finally found a program called SMMA 2.0 the creator had used digital marketing strategies to generate millions for him and offers a program with all the information you need to create your own digital marketing agency and give results to your clients. (Remember that without results there are no clients) And it also meets my second condition: the program is constantly updated, since new lessons are released month after month to keep you up to date.

With my experience after having invested money in a master’s degree in marketing and later having bought and studied the SMMA program, I can help you by writing this article to save time and money. In less time you can get experience to improve your work or start your own agency.

The concept of SMMA in the United States is growing rapidly, however in Spanish-speaking countries, Latin America and Spain there is a world of opportunities to offer this service, with relatively low competition, there are many small and medium-sized companies that do not have an IT department. marketing and large companies that are not doing well, it is an opportunity for you to enter this market and offer results to clients. If you can assure a company to increase their sales they will have no problem hiring you.

This program works, it gives results, it has the necessary information that you have to know about digital marketing with strategies that you can apply to the real world. I have spoken with many fellow students of the marketing master’s degree and they all agree on the same thing, a master’s degree leaves you with a void because now after studying you know many concepts but you do not know how to apply them. This is fixed with SMMA 2.0.

The program is recommended for anyone who wants to start an agency or wants to work in the area of ​​digital marketing or people who are already working in digital marketing but want to get a raise or a better position in the company they work for, when you start to offer better results within the company you can ask for a guaranteed salary increase.

I am going to explain each of the parts that make up the SMMA 2.0 program

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