What are negative thoughts? Identify and eliminate them.

Negative thoughts are any thoughts that bring us negative consequences, and are harmful to the mind and body.

They are all those thoughts that make us feel bad, that demotivate us, that cause some negative reaction in the body such as stress and anxiety, that do not allow us to think assertively and cloud our thinking.

Throughout this article I will share with you several important points to identify and eliminate negative thoughts, as well as a revolutionary software that helps you change negative thoughts for positive ones.

How to identify them?

Each thought has an associated emotion, you can identify negative thoughts by being aware of how you feel, if you feel bad you are entertaining a negative thought in your mind.

People who suffer from stress or anxiety, it is because they are constantly having negative thoughts, these thoughts put the body in a state that we call anxiety, and a state of anxiety can lead to depression.

Any negative thought, that we think at a conscious level for a long time, sooner or later is absorbed by the subconscious and this puts our body in a negative state related to the thought that started it.

Thoughts create emotions and emotions are expressed through the body.

These negative emotions, when repressed for a long time, are the cause of many diseases.

What are the most common negative emotions?

More than 50 negative emotions have been identified, the most common are:

  • Fear
  • Jealousy
  • Hatred
  • Revenge
  • Greed
  • Superstition
  • Anger

What causes negative thoughts?

Negative thoughts are related to the level of responsibility you accept in your life. A person who accepts 100% responsibility for everything that happens in his life, for his thoughts, emotions, actions and results, tends to be a positive and optimistic person.

A person who does not accept full responsibility for what he experiences, or is totally irresponsible, will be a negative and pessimistic person. People who do not accept responsibility feel that they have no control over their lives and this causes negative thoughts and emotions.

The first cause of negative thoughts is justifying.

When you justify or try to explain why you feel bad, you tell yourself that it is normal for you to feel that way because of the situation you find yourself in, and you seek approval from other people who tell you that you have every reason to feel bad. .

If you can’t justify yourself because you feel bad, you couldn’t continue to feel negative emotions. Because you wouldn’t have a reason to feel that way.

One way to eliminate negative thoughts is to not look for ways to justify them. Don’t look for reasons why you feel bad. This is enough for you not to feel negative emotions from the beginning.

In the face of any event, you have two options: react, which activates negative emotions, or respond, what is thinking, give meaning to the situation, and give an answer. The first option (react) is without thinking, and the second option uses your mental faculties to analyze the situation.

I’ll give you an example, if you’re driving and someone cuts you off, you can react by getting upset with the person (negative thoughts), or you can respond thinking that it was just a mistake, unintentionally on the part of the other person, that anyone can happen, and that it was not his intention to do so.

The second cause is taking things personally.

Many times they tell us something, and we take it personally, we instantly think negatively.

For a comment to affect you, there has to be something in you that believes that what they say is true.

If someone tells you that you are a bad person and you get upset. There is something in you that believes that comment is right. If you choose not to take other people’s comments personally, you can simply think that this person has no idea what they are talking about, they don’t know you well, they just woke up in a bad mood and that’s why they made that comment.

If someone told you that your blue hair looks horrible on you, and you don’t have blue hair, you wouldn’t feel bad because you know for a fact that you don’t have blue.

If you don’t take situations and comments personally, and don’t let them affect you, you avoid having negative thoughts.

The third cause is blaming others or circumstances for your situation.

When you blame another person or circumstances for your situation, you are giving up control of your life, and this triggers negative thoughts.

The moment you stop blaming, negative thoughts instantly stop and you take back control of yourself and the situation. Your mind begins to think clearly, and finding the solution will be easy.

By stopping negative thoughts, you prevent them from clouding your mind, so you can see things as they really are.

How to eliminate negative thoughts?

Your mind cannot think 2 thoughts at once and making a conscious effort to focus only on positive thoughts will automatically change your emotions to correspond with the thoughts you are choosing.

To eliminate future negative thoughts, the first thing you have to do is decide to be responsible for everything that happens in your life. The good and bad things. If in each situation, you decide to be responsible for the results, and avoid passing this responsibility on to other people, you will have control of your thoughts.

Negative experiences from the past are a source of negative thoughts.

Many people carry with them negative experiences from the past, which activate negative thoughts in them. And for which they do not accept responsibility for what happened.

Until you accept responsibility for each of your past results, for the way you handled a situation, for the decisions you made, for what you did or did not do, for your behavior, for your inattention, you will not be able to move along.

If there is a negative thought from the past, do not resist, as you become aware of the emotions accept it, know it and do everything possible to change them through the acquisition of greater knowledge and understanding. What you feed grows. What you give your attention to expands. Resist an emotion, what you do is feed it.

Paying attention intensifies and expands the emotions you don’t want to experience. Recognizing and accepting them for what they are allows you to focus and pay attention to the actions you can take to change them. After acknowledging it, shift your focus to something that allows you to experience a different emotion.

Allowing a negative thought to be in your mind is enough to sabotage all your chances of being happy.

One negative thought is enough to interfere with your peace of mind, learn to forgive, to completely let go of that negative experience, which is a source of negative thoughts, keeping you stuck in the past. And that unless you forgive, it will not allow you to move forward.

It is your responsibility to make sure that positive thoughts are the ones that dominate your mind.

Negative thoughts are the number one reason most people underperform and fail at their goals. Negative emotions cause people to become mentally and physically ill, destroying relationships and careers.

Make the decision to start being responsible for everything in your life, if you are responsible it means that you are capable of creating the life you want, start being responsible for your thoughts, emotions and actions. Leave behind any negative experiences that may be sabotaging your progress.

It’s not always easy to accept responsibility for everything, but life becomes so much easier, simpler, and more enjoyable when you do.

One way to eliminate negative thoughts is by using positive affirmations.

Affirmations are a powerful tool for reprogramming your mind, however, trying to get through the day repeating affirmations can be a tedious task.

You can eliminate years of negative thinking using a program called mindzoom. (The link will take you directly to the program, you can change the language to Spanish).

This program allows you to receive more than 18 thousand affirmations a day, while you dedicate yourself to other activities on your computer.

Imagine receiving 18,000 positive affirmations a day without even realizing it, because the program is designed to speak to your subconscious mind, which is responsible for making you a positive person.

If you want more information visit the link.

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