The Superconscious Mind Meaning

What is the Superconscious Mind?

The superconscious mind is a name for a higher power or universal consciousness and is in fact a source that many believe it is possible to tap into and extract information from, as we will see later.

The superconscious mind is a higher consciousness, above the conscious or subconscious mind of an individual or a collective. In this sense, it would be the same as God for believers, also called infinite intelligence, the universe, universal intelligence, superior power, source of wisdom, among others.

In the superconscious mind there are no limits, nor borders, it is a place where everything is possible, any idea that the human mind can conceive is possible in the superconscious mind, where everything that has existed, exists and will exist is found.

The superconscious mind makes all things conceivable within the “individual consciousness” a reality in the physical world.

It is within everything and exists everywhere, it is omniscient and omnipresent.

Explanation of the superconscious mind.

Sometimes we get stuck with labels, with the names we use to refer to the same thing. However we can see the superconscious mind as the source where everything comes from, where everything is possible.

Superconsciousness is part of everything we can feel through our five senses, that is, the material plane but also everything intangible and that we cannot see, the spiritual and mental world.

The possibilities are literally “infinite” in nature. There is nothing that does not exist within it as probability, which means that if it can be idealized and conceptualized in the mind, regardless of “perceived” enormity, it already exists as probability in the superconscious mind, and once conceptualized, the process to make it real starts.

Anything that can be conceived in the mind as an ideal and held as a focused and intentional thought and harmonized with action will and must manifest in physical form.

Everything that can be conceptualized in the mind, whether physical or otherwise, already exists within the Superconscious mind as an already existing fact, and only requires the correct and consistent focus of consciousness, either individually or collectively, to make it a physical reality.

On the emotional side, the Superconscious Mind contains every imaginable feeling and emotion. Whichever of these you choose to experience and place a constant focus on through your individual consciousness will manifest and be experienced in physical form.

The interesting and exciting thing is that we can access it in search of an answer, literally we are all connected, we are part of the superconsciousness and we can connect to that source.

Connect to the superconscious.

If the superconscious mind or infinite intelligence contains all the possibilities how do we extract or connect to them.

There is enough evidence to believe that the subconscious mind is capable of connecting to infinite intelligence and the subconscious mind would be the connection between the conscious mind and the superconscious.

In Napoleon Hill’s famous book “Think and Grow Rich” they refer in chapter 12 to the subconscious as “the connecting link” the part capable of communicating the material world to the spiritual plane.

Quoting the book verbatim, he says “it is the means through which the prayer can be transmitted to the source capable of answering the prayer.”

The subconscious is the way to connect with the superconscious and the correct use can make prayers and your wishes be transmitted directly to infinite intelligence, the universe, God or whatever you want to call it to find an answer.

Many times when people pray it is because they have exhausted every last resource, when they don’t know what to do. However, he does so in a state of despair or anguish.

The subconscious mind is the emotional part and a state of despair is a negative state from which it is only possible to attract more negative things, which is why many prayers remain “unanswered”.

Altered states of consciousness to connect with the source.

Perhaps you have heard of the Silva method, it is a way of entering altered states of consciousness through the training of the human mind and says that it is possible to access states of deep creativity, intuitive orientation and even create coincidences or so-called synchronicities.

Quoting Napoleon Hill again, he tells us:

“A genius is a man who has discovered how to increase the intensity of thought to the point where he can communicate freely with Fuentes of knowledge not available through the ordinary proposition of thought.”

“Communicating with the source of knowledge” as Hill puts it, there are some stories about this, about how it is possible for a person to relax and almost fall asleep and receive ideas from a source that gives him the solution to his problem.

Some time ago I heard about a technique performed by Thomas Edison that many of us consider a genius, it was a technique to find the answer to his inventions, I researched on the internet and found the following on quora:

“Thomas Edison has attributed much of his insights from his experiments and new discoveries to a state of consciousness in a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep.

Edison famously slept under his desk or on a workbench for up to 1 hour, sometimes 3 times a day. Edison would usually hold two steel balls in both hands when he was getting ready for sleep and faced with a huge, daunting problem.

Some naps I would be sitting upright in a chair. Sitting up made it slightly more difficult for him to fall asleep fully, allowing him to remain slightly conscious during these sessions.

On the floor he placed metal cymbals directly under his clenched hands. The premise was simple, when he was about to fall completely asleep, the body usually goes through a series of muscular reactions, one of which is to relax the hand.

In this transition, Edison released the steel balls and they crashed to the ground, hitting the metal cymbals and producing a loud sound to wake him up. Then the sound would wake him up and he would have a pad and pencil ready to record whatever he was thinking about just before waking him up.”

The superconscious mind opinion.

I suspect that Thomas Edison worked with altered states of consciousness or knew something, that the average person does not know, about how to extract information directly from the source to finish his inventions or find solutions, this is an assumption, a personal opinion.

For something he was able to generate so many wonderful inventions and ideas that we had never seen before, in addition to other extraordinary qualities that he possessed, such as the use and development of his mental faculties.

The Silva Method says that it is possible to find guidance from a “higher source” through altered states of consciousness specifically the delta state.

To give you an idea when we talk about altered states of consciousness we refer to the different states of mind delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma. And if you learn under your own will to go to those states of consciousness you can get to connect with the source.

This is extremely interesting information, because if we can actually access these altered states of consciousness we can subtract unique information that comes directly from the superconscious mind.

Personally, I have not been able to control these states of consciousness, but I found a masterclass that delves into this topic and that can be extremely useful if you are interested in learning more about how to alter states of consciousness.

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