The 67 steps to success

You have come to the right place, at the right time, a course that encompasses all the principles of success.

After trying multiple courses that revealed part of the truth, I wanted someone to tell me how to be successful and teach me the “easy way”. I spent a decade researching and buying different products that offered different “gurus” on how to achieve success.

I remember that in 2008 the movie The Secret came to me, if you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t seen it it’s a movie that explains that you attract to you what you think and that by visualizing and imagining your life how you really want it to be your world will change.

The movie exposed me to different personalities from the world of personal development and I started to buy what they offered, however I did not get any change, I remember once I bought a program called the six minutes for success, which offered with only six minutes a day you can transform your life, it sounds like the abdominal program that they sell to get a six pack with only 5 minutes of exercise.

In a way, the information that I consumed, even though I made an effort to think positive and visualize a better world, did me more harm than good, since after spending months watching six minutes of videos a day and with the same results, it can frustrate you a bit.

Just like the body, the mind works like a muscle, you will not see changes if you train 6 minutes a day, however, if you start training an hour a day and combine it with a diet, you will start to see results in a few months.

In my case I was training my mind 6 minutes a day and I still had to go on a diet. For me the diet is what you put in your mind the books you read and what you listen to is the information with which your mind is fed.

And exercise for the mind represents changes in habits, starting to think differently every day is a form of training, it requires effort and discipline.

How do you manage to improve your life? With training and diet. The other day I saw a man who goes running every day, for months I see him run day by day, but his body remains the same, undoubtedly he must be doing something wrong to not see change, the truth is that no matter how much exercise you do you can’t beat a bad diet. If only the diet will change, his body will start to change.

If you start to visualize a better life (training) and then go to work listening to the bad news of the day (diet) your results will not be as expected.

I was at a crossroads, I had spent thousands of dollars on programs, without getting results, like when you decide to join the gym for a year and only go for two months, although in this case each program I bought was different, I listened to it from start to finish.

Buy shows like million dollar mindset, the science of getting rich, the freedom series, the winners image (I remember the first time I saw it it looked like it was from the 50’s), most of these courses are on CD and some were filmed in the 80s, I don’t know why they still sell them.

With how fast information changes and me buying programs thinking they were modern and promised an overnight change from the 80s.

I finally decided that I could not continue spending time and resources, on old programs, there had to be something different, at that moment I made the decision to find a program that was with updated information from at least 2015 onwards and second I no longer wanted the way easy, I was not interested in being sold something that said that with just 6 minutes my life would change.

I start my search and as the bible says the one who seeks finds, after defining what I wanted, I found exactly what I was looking for. (speaking of the law of attraction it seems to work)

I found a program that resembles physical conditioning programs like PX90 or insanity, which are hard workouts that, although they offer results in 60 or 90 days, you have to make a great effort not only with exercise but also with diet to achieve it, it is possible to change in 60 days yes, but it is not possible to do it with 6 minutes a day.

The program was called the 67 steps of success, 67 days of intense training for the mind, it is a program that requires you an hour a day to change your way of thinking, with information that, as it happened to me, you probably have not heard before , valuable information, when you hear something you’ve never heard before and it works you realize that knowledge is power, because nobody teaches this in school.

The 67 steps to success is accompanied by a diet for the mind, in this diet analogy read. But it is not about reading just anything, they are specific books that induce you to change your way of thinking, the VIP version indicates the specific books that you have to incorporate and they are analyzed week by week, extracting the most valuable information from each of them.

Who said success comes easy?

I had found a program that I had to really work on if I wanted to finish it in the right time, although I would call it the 134 steps to success because each lesson had to be listened to twice, it was information so new to me that once was not enough for me. my brain absorbed all the content.

My first goal with this article is to help you save time and money, you don’t have to go through what I go through, spend on programs and courses that don’t work, I already did that job, I spent money and time until I found a program that works, my second The objective is to get you out of mental rest, to help you take action, only people who take action get results, the first step is the most important, sometimes what we need to change is to have the correct information.

The program is recommended only for people who really want to achieve results, because as I have been able to verify the 67 steps of success work, you have to be willing to make the sacrifice and the effort. The promise is not to change your life from one day to the next, nor with five minutes a day, nor sitting on a sofa visualizing your life.

The promise is that if you are willing to invest time, money and effort in yourself, you will get the results you are looking for. If you are still here, this program is for you, he has found you or you have found him, either way the time is now.

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