The 30-Day Challenge Without Alcohol Doesn’t Work. My experience.

You are a heavy drinker during the weekends and you are thinking of doing the 30 days without drinking alcohol challenge and you want to know if it is worth trying or if it is a waste of time? From experience I can say that it is a good start, however you have to know that:

The 30-day challenge doesn’t do much good. A month is not enough time to experience visible and lasting changes, what you will achieve is knowing how it makes you feel, how much you can resist temptation and tiny changes in your energy levels.

Thirty days is better than no day, with this you will give your liver a rest, just keep in mind the following:

Imagine that you decide to do the challenge of 30 days exercising, a month in the gym is a good start, however, it is not enough time to see noticeable results, the changes are minimal as a little more energy and if after the 30 days you stop exercising and return to a sedentary life, you will quickly lose what little you have achieved.

Ultimately it depends a lot on your goals. Although if you plan to stop drinking for a month, it means that you are drinking more than you would like and you probably feel that it affects some area of ​​your life. If your goal is to see significant results, it is best to think long term.

People feel comfortable with the 30-day challenge because it is not a long time, although it depends on how much social life you have, it can be difficult, but in the end you know that after the month you will return to your comfort zone as if nothing had happened past.

But when you ask someone for a longer time, they immediately panic, what are they going to think of me, I won’t have fun on weekends, I can’t live without alcohol, all that goes through the mind in seconds. That’s why it all depends on your goal and whether you want to achieve real RESULTS or not.

There are two ways to complete the challenge:

Scenario 1, you cancel all your outings for 30 days, hire Netflix and spend the next four weekends at home watching your favorite series :). You withdraw from any social life you have and lock yourself in a cave. Ideally, use those days productively doing what you love most. (and it can’t be drinking)

Scenario 2, you continue your normal life and attend all your commitments and events that include alcohol, this makes you get out of your comfort zone, you will experience what it feels like to be sober in situations where you normally think about drinking alcohol. It is very likely that it will make you feel a little or very uncomfortable but that is what the experiment is about, right?

What results can you achieve in thirty days?


I believe that the best thing you can achieve during the challenge is to know how quitting alcohol makes you feel, to know yourself better. If you’re afraid of quitting because of what people will say, if you think that if you stop drinking any longer your “friends” won’t want to go out with you anymore, or maybe you think life isn’t as fun anymore without alcohol, you’ll start to realize of the emotions and thoughts that come to you.

The simple fact of being aware of this is a great achievement. If you know your enemy you already have 50% earned.


After 30 days, the quality of sleep improves markedly, in addition to raising your energy levels. You will feel that it is easier to get up early.


You will have more free time, to dedicate yourself to other more important activities, such as achieving results that you have not been able to achieve until now. It’s amazing how much time is wasted when you go out on the weekends, because of drinking, you basically lose a day of your life resting from last night’s outing, because of staying up late and because of alcohol.


The old saying “Time is money”, IS TRUE. For heavy drinkers who go out once a week, let’s say you go out every Saturday, Sundays are days off, which equals 52 days in a year, assuming you use 8 hours of those 52 days to work at $12 a hour, it is equivalent to $4,992 that you stop generating for drinking and to that you have to add what you spend on alcohol on each outing.

Depending on what area of ​​your life you want to improve, those 52 days you can use in another way if you stop consuming alcohol. If you don’t want to use them to work at least you can use them to get a new skill that will get you paid more per hour during the week.

In a year you will be able to earn more money in the same amount of time because your market value will increase.

If it is relationships that worries you, if you think that you do not dedicate enough time to your loved ones, 52 days to focus on improving your relationships with family, friends or partner will help you improve.

I have a friend, who enrolled in a mechanics course, with the promise that this new skill would lead him to double his income if he managed to become a workshop manager, the course has a price of two thousand euros, which you pay for two years , regardless of whether or not you take the course.

Changing the habit of drinking for studying could lead him to get a new skill, which would translate into a better position and double his income, however the priority of drinking was always above studying, as a result he did not finish the course but he did « I enjoy your weekends.” Now you shouldn’t complain when the bank account doesn’t have enough money.

“Only a fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise learn from the mistakes of others.”

Otto von Bismarck.

For me, realizing how long I was consuming this habit was eye opening, countless weekends feeling bad after drinking. I made the same mistake as my friend until I was aware of what he was doing. When you realize that time is limited, you no longer waste it so easily.

We can say that everything in life is abundant, except the time we have. You have to know how to manage it.

If you have ever complained about the amount of money you earn, your physical conditions, your happiness or relationships, one of the habits that directly influences all areas of your life is alcohol.

If you change the habit, your results will change. You don’t have to make mistakes, learn from others, if you see that something doesn’t work, don’t take the same step.

The real challenge.

If you want to have the opportunity to experience real changes, the challenge that must be set is long-term. If you have seen the physical transformations that last a year they are surprising, nobody changes their body in a month but in a year you can become another person.

Thirty days doesn’t give you a chance to see what your life would be like if you start spending more time on the things you want to accomplish. A year is what you need to change and so that you don’t feel bad, think that in a year you will be able to drink again. After a year you will see the world differently.

You will have two perspectives, a world without alcohol and another with. And if you decide to drink, you will most likely reduce consumption since you will know the importance of time and what you can achieve if you dedicate it to what you want.

If you make the decision to spend a year without consuming alcohol, it is important that you know what you are going to face and for this I have dedicated an entire publication entitled a year without drinking alcohol and how to survive in the attempt, which will help you to be prepared mentally.

Visit the resource page at expand your mind where I share different programs to eliminate bad habits, change limiting beliefs or reprogram your subconscious mind.

One of the programs uses subliminal affirmations, if you are familiar with affirmations, what this program does is put thousands of positive affirmations in your mind with no effort on your part.

You don’t have to spend hours during the day repeating to yourself that you like to live a life without alcohol, the program does everything for you. The only thing you have to do is put it on every day while you work or are in front of the computer.

You may be playing video games while being bombarded with affirmations about your new lifestyle. You will begin to think differently about alcohol. You yourself decide which affirmations to place in your mind or you can use the ones that come by default.

If you know how the subconscious mind works, which is a complicated term simply to refer to the section of your mind where your habits are found.

The habit of drinking alcohol to change it like any other habit, is achieved through repetition. With the program you can get more than 18 thousand affirmations per day, while you dedicate yourself to something else.

The secret is to use it every day, repetition is the key. And the solution is in your mind.

It is very easy to use, you just hit a button and start doing what you have to do. The rest is done by the program and your mind.

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