Tai Lopez’s 12 Principles for the Good Life

I wish someone had taught me this before I turned 18, life would be much easier, but as the saying goes, it’s never too late to learn. There are many things that nobody teaches you, neither in school nor in families, that are vital for the good life. If we study history, just a few years ago before the industrial revolution, 90% of the population were peasants, except for the privileged classes, the vast majority of our ancestors worked in the fields, in agriculture and the options for our great-great-grandparents there weren’t many, if your parents sowed wheat your destiny was almost certainly to sow wheat all your life, “luckily” times have changed.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, capitalism found a place to put its money and to develop industry they needed labor, and where did they get it?

They needed people from the countryside to go to the industry, they had to train them to carry out certain repetitive activities so that they would be part of the production chain, little by little work hours began to be regulated with schedules from 8 to 5 (like those that still exist today), minimum wages, hierarchies and standards were established.

As they needed qualified labor, universities began to proliferate to prepare people for more specialized positions, salary bands were created since everyone could not earn the same, in theory if you go to university you cannot earn the same or less than someone who doesn’t (this is in theory).

As of 2008, less than 2 percent of the population was directly employed in agriculture, people had moved to the cities to work in the new factories and in the industrial world. A whole culture was created, a way of thinking and acting that has been transferred to the present, however the industrial age has ended.

Today people spend thousands of dollars or euros on universities without thinking, what is the return on their investment? To get a low-paid job from Monday to Friday from 8 to 5, and let’s not just talk about money, because the good life includes other pillars, starting with health, considered the most important, without health you cannot work to improve the other areas of your life that are relationships and happiness.

The industrial age has also affected other areas of our lives, health is affected by all these changes, in the past the elites and kings were the ones who made great banquets of food and drink, while a percentage of the population that lived in the countryside suffered from malnutrition. Today it is the other way around, people with higher purchasing power are the ones who take better care of themselves, live a healthy lifestyle and the population with fewer resources suffer from obesity, since they have access to processed and junk food at a lower cost than the healthy food.

According to a historical study, obesity is killing three times the number of people who die from malnutrition, a study of coca cola to find out which sector of the population consumes its product the most, discovered that the stratum of the population that consumes the most soft drinks is the lower and middle class, which causes all kinds of diseases.

On the other hand, to see how the world has changed, going for a run is relatively modern, just a few years ago, someone who ran in the street as a sport was seen as an alien, no one ran for health, the benefits of exercise were unknown cardiovascular.

There are ways of thinking that today are no longer correct, nobody teaches you at the university about the four pillars of the good life. People with few resources consume more processed food with the premise that it is cheaper, however a saving in the present represents a greater expense in the future, this type of food will bring you all kinds of problems, finally you will end up paying more money for medicines and medical consultations, than if you invest today in healthy food.

However the disease is a big industry, just imagine if there were no sick people what would happen to all the private clinics, with all the pharmaceutical companies and large corporations that profit from medicines to treat the symptoms but without eliminating the cause.

Imagine if they taught us in universities how to live the good life, how to earn real money, not small installments at the end of the month to cover basic expenses, I am part of that system, I went to university, then did different specialties, which they didn’t help me get what I wanted, and after studying with Tai Lopez I discovered that I’ve learned more with him as a mentor than all my years of college.

In the 12 principles program I learned the fundamentals that nobody taught me during so many years of study, for example nobody taught me that one of the most important skills to make money is to learn to be persuasive. In the book The Self-made Billionaire Effect they talk about the skill that most people who make the most money share is persuasion and I wonder why they don’t teach this skill in schools and universities? Persuasion is the mother of sales, marketing and branding. All brands (branding) have to know how to persuade their customers to buy, as McDonald’s manages to sell junk food that negatively impacts the body to so many millions of people.

There are people who see persuasion as a bad thing, obviously McDonald’s does not use it in the best way, but if you learn the concept of win-win negotiation, you can persuade people to switch to your health food restaurant from which you generate a profit and you give a benefit to the client a healthy and happy life.

Persuasion is a power that in the hands of a good person can do a lot of good, the important thing is to make a business that is win-win and that everyone who does business with you wins.

You will see there are key principles that you have to learn, as if your life depended on it, if you do not learn them the good life will not come, I will give you an example one of those principles that you will learn in the program of the 12 fundamentals is very powerful, it is called self-selection bias.

The self-selection bias explains how our environment blinds us, the word cognitive bias is a psychological effect that produces a deviation in your mental process, creates a distortion of reality, you make inaccurate judgments and illogical interpretation. For example, if a person is born in a very poor rural population, for that person everyone lives in the same way, simply because he does not know anything else, his environment blinds him and does not allow him to see that there is a world of abundance where people he gets sick from eating so much.

And this happens to all of us, someone who lives in the city and went to university, when he thinks of making money the first thing he does is look for a job, as if that were the only way to generate an income and if in his circle of influence everyone is employed reinforces the bias, in such a way that it is normal for the person to work from Monday to Friday from 8 to 5 even if he does not like his job, in short it is what everyone has to do. Illogical, right?

The best way to get out of cognitive bias is to find someone, as an “outlier” is known in English, which means an “outlier” is anyone who is out of the ordinary. In business, an “outlier” is a person dramatically more successful than most. For me, that person is Tai Lopez and I am grateful that he shares the secrets of the good life on the 12 principles program.

People are willing to spend thousands of dollars on college and traditional education, but when presented with information like this they have a hard time making the decision, why? Cognitive bias is the answer, everyone goes to college so “there’s nothing wrong” spending thousands of dollars and not getting them back, if you want to get out of cognitive bias, invest in discovering what the outliers do, what makes them different from people who have the good life, if you want to get out of the trap and achieve the good life, invest in yourself.

With the 12 principles you have private access to 12 in-depth videos on topics that promise to help enrich your life. And Tai is so sure about that, that if in the first 30 days you are not satisfied with the program for any reason, you can ask for a full money refund. And if you’re thinking this must cost a lot of money, it’s not true, the program costs only $197.

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