Super Reading Read Faster With Jim Kwik

Today we will talk about super reading, Jim Kwik’s program to read faster and achieve speed reading or accelerated reading, which is transforming the lives of students, professionals and anyone who seeks to progress and improve.

You too can speed up your reading speed, absorb and remember everything you read with a 15-minute trick that will see results immediately, explained by Jim Kwik “here”.

Super Reading is the #1 accelerated reading program in the world, designed by Jim Kwik in conjunction with Mindvalley promises to triple your reading speed and improve your retention, during a 21-day challenge, your reading skills and beliefs will be put to the test. fast, but beyond just reading faster it will teach you to retain and remember more everything you read.

Before writing this article I did Mindvalley’s Jim Kwik masterclass in Spanish and my reading speed improved by 25% with just one of the techniques Jim explains in class.

You can also significantly increase your speed alone, with this masterclass to which the link will take you.

An average person reads between 200 to 250 words per minute. Jim’s students read about 1,000 words per minute with PERFECT comprehension.

Imagine, wouldn’t it be great to be able to read a book in less time and at the same time increase retention, since it’s not just about speed reading, you also want to understand and retain what you read. All this is possible by applying the appropriate techniques and in just 21 days.

Jim will challenge some existing techniques, this isn’t about photoreading, or reading diagonally, or skipping pages in a book, it’s about reading an entire book or any information from cover to cover, but three times faster.

If you don’t already know Jim Kwik, he is better known as the mind coach and has helped great personalities from the founders of Google, to Richard Brason the founder of Virgin to Elon Musk the man who will take us to Tuesday, these people are looking for Jim because he has developed a system to improve your brain and your speed of absorbing information.

Super reading is a must

Accepting reality is realizing that we live in the information age, we read daily, from whatsapp messages, emails, reports, news and if we have some time left, perhaps, we read a book.

All this amount of reading takes us a good amount of time each day and although we use the ability to read on a daily basis, we do not give it the importance it has, improving our reading speed.

As Jim says “we underestimate the importance of reading.”

In addition, the vast majority of the things we read we forget, which brings together two problems, reading slowly and retaining little. This can be fixed at the same time and is what we will see later in this article.

However, we have to be clear that reading fast is a necessity and a requirement, imagine being able to read in two hours, which currently takes you four, that would free you from two hours a day.

A few years ago Bill Gate and Warren Buffett were asked: if you could have a superpower what would it be? They both gave the same answer: having the power of super reading.

Here you have two of the most intelligent and productive men in the world who can choose any power and what they want is to read faster than everyone else.

They value the need to read faster, not underestimate it.

We live in a competitive world and the person who can read and learn the fastest is always the one who will have the advantage.

No matter what you do, reading faster will give you the edge you need to progress. It will allow you to download decades of knowledge stored in books into your brain in just days.

As Jim says, “Your rate of knowledge consumption is your superpower.”

When was the last time you learned to read?

Here is the big question, when was the last time we learned to read? and the answer may be first or second grade, perhaps up to six years of age. The vast majority of people read at the same speed as an elementary school child.

Because after we learn to read we stop learning to read.

If you are in your thirties you are using the same reading technique that you were taught twenty years ago, if you are older you may be using techniques that are thirty or forty years old.

It’s time to update your reading software and download new ways and knowledge on how to read faster. That’s why, because the vast majority of people are slow readers and this can be easily fixed by upgrading your skill, with the new techniques Jim shares.

The program is a set of techniques, beliefs and myths around reading. One of those myths is the one we will see next.

Reading faster lowers your retention

There is a myth that some people think that you can’t speed up and hold back at the same time. This is a false belief, that to retain you have to go slower, but the reality is the opposite.

When you read faster your retention improves because you concentrate more on what you are doing, in order to speed up one of the things you have to do is focus on the task you are doing in this case reading.

Jim puts a very good metaphor, when you drive and you go slowly down the road, sometimes you get distracted, you see the mountains around you, you see the animals on the side of the road, while driving slowly.

This is because your mind is distracted, this supercomputer that we have between our two ears, can drive, be alert and see the mountain, at the same time, if you go slowly of course.

But what happens, if you’re a Formula 1 driver and you’re going at full speed, you don’t have time to look to the sides, right? You go at full speed, focused on the track, on the curves, using one hundred percent of your mental capacity, in fact if you try to look at the mountain, it is most likely that you will crash.

The same thing happens with reading, if you read slowly it is very easy to get distracted, for your mind to wander and think about other things while you read, but if you speed up, your mind will have to concentrate only on reading and consequently you will retain more information.

Conclusion The truth is that if you speed up your reading correctly, it will increase your comprehension.

Earn time and money by reading faster

Knowledge is not only power, knowledge is profit, it turns into money, but to acquire knowledge in this new era, we must learn to read faster.

There are people who believe in hard work and other people who believe in smart work.

I like Napoleon Hill’s quote: “If you are one of those people who believe that hard work and honesty alone will bring riches, perish the thought; because it is not true”.

We need to start thinking about working smart if we want to live better, and Jim tells us that speed reading is the tool for working smart.

Jim mentions that the difference isn’t between the haves and the have-nots, the difference is between the knowers and the don’t.

The more you know, the more money you make, as Warren Buffett tells us: “the more you learn, the more you make”.

With super reading you gain time, knowledge and money.

Opinion of Jim Kwik’s Super Reading Challenge, on Mindvalley

This is a program that should be mandatory in all schools in the world and also a requirement for all those young people and adults who want to live a better life and be more competitive in today’s world.

Just thinking about tripling your reading speed can be amazing. Reading is the skill that allows you to acquire new skills and knowledge that improve your life exponentially.

All great leaders are readers, maybe you don’t want to be a leader, but I bet you if you want to live better and be able to download all the knowledge found in books into your mind.

He invited you to attend Jim’s masterclass where he will teach you some techniques that will improve your reading ability instantly and if you really want to take it to the next level sign up for the 21 day challenge where you will learn all the techniques you need to read faster and retain more.

Before finishing, ask yourself what drives you? What really motivates you to speed up your reading?

This question is extremely important.

One of the challenge participants was able to read 30 books in 30 days and extract and use a vast amount of information that she learned from all the books she read, but one of the secrets to achieve this was that she had a great motivation behind, in addition to know all of Jim’s techniques, you can see the full story in the masterclass.

Finally I want you to know that it is a practical program and it is measurable.

Before you start learning all the tools you need, Jim will ask you to measure your current reading speed, your base pace, so you know exactly how fast you read before you start the challenge and then you can measure your reading speed. When finished, the results will surprise you.

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