Secrets Of Longevity Ben Greenfield

Everything we thought we knew about longevity may not be true after all and this is what you will read next with the teachings of the famous biohacker and longevity expert Ben Greenfield.

The Secrets of Longevity is a program created by Ben Greenfield in conjunction with Mindvalley that gives you the tools to not only live a long and healthy life, but also to reach old age with a strong, energetic and functional body.

The program presents you with a methodology to change your lifestyle with cutting-edge strategies, which you may never have heard of before.

It is not a program of spending hundreds of hours exercising or following a specific diet, it is a totally different program, which you have not seen before, focused on aging with the vitality and strength of a young person and knowing the secrets of supercentenarians. .

In his masterclass Ben demystifies the false beliefs of aging, in which we generally associate old age with weakness and fragility, but he tells us the opposite, we can age and still develop a strong, slim and functional body for life.

In this article I will teach you: the importance of this program, why we should listen to Ben Greenfield, the five myths that Ben talks about and the impressive advances in science that will make life expectancies increase above one hundred years of age. age very soon.

However, if you want to hear Ben’s point of view as well as learn strategies to maintain and/or regain your energy levels from when you were in your twenties or perhaps feel ten years younger, visit the masterclass.

The importance of the secrets of longevity.

Today we carry many false beliefs that come from the 20th century where life expectancies were not very high compared to today. Today we continue to see our grandparents and elderly people suffering from health problems, weakness, frailty, little mobility and little strength.

However, this does not have to be the case, from Ben’s point of view the human body is an incredible machine and is capable of aging while maintaining levels of functionality of a young person.

The good news is that today’s science is capable of adding 3 extra months of life for every year you live and from 2030 it will be able to add 1 year of life for every year you live.

This means that if you are around forty years old, your life expectancy will probably rise to one hundred years and our youngest children will be able to reach one hundred and thirty years or more. Amazing, right?

It is exciting to think that we can live more than a hundred years, but nobody wants to live that long if during the last years of life you lose mobility, strength and resistance, what is the use of living thirty more years without having the necessary vitality to enjoy them.

Science is capable of extending human life but it is not yet capable of stopping aging, (hopefully that day will come) however it is possible to slow down aging and also have a strong body even at a hundred years of age.

This is what the “secrets of longevity” program is about and that is why its importance for you and your quality of life. The ability to have a vital body at any age. As life expectancy increases, we also want people to create habits and have the right beliefs to enjoy a functional body throughout life, no matter how old they are.

If you are already sixty years old you can use this program to regain your strength and health, if you are fifty years old you can use it to create a solid foundation for your future while living in a better body in the present and if you are forty years old you will regain your twenty year old body and create the habits that will allow you to live a long and good life.

Imagine that you could have a body ten years younger than you currently have, how would you feel?

I just saw a photo with the results of the program of a man who looks exactly the same at forty-nine as he did when he was twenty-nine, with the same athletic body. I have also seen results of people who look better in their forties than in their twenties.

This program will give you a change of perspective, you will listen and learn things that you may never have heard and it is these small changes that will make all the difference.

This program is for any age and gender, for both men and women, for everyone who has the goal of living a long and healthy life, being able to enjoy your body in the present and being able to enjoy it in the future, when you are older than ninety years, so you can play with your grandchildren and enjoy life.

Who is Ben Greenfield? And why listen to it?

The big question is who is Ben Greenfield, I am one of those who thinks that when it comes to programs and books, it is best to go directly to the best, I do not want to receive advice from someone who reads two books and then thinks he is an “expert” .

In the case of Ben Greenfield, his resume backs him up:

  • He is a famous and well-known biohacker.
  • Brain and body performance coach.
  • Former bodybuilder.
  • Professional athlete.
  • Anti-aging coach.
  • Author of a bestselling book.
  • He has a master’s degree in physiology and biomechanics.
  • #1 Personal Trainer in the US in 2008.
  • One of the hundred most influential people in health and fitness.

And he has worked with many famous people, Olympic athletes, sports professionals and is focused on the science of anti-aging and biohacking.

Biohacking is finding techniques and tools to optimize the body, mind and life, we live in a world of beliefs and many beliefs are false, with biohacking it is possible to find small changes that make a big difference in human life.

So if you can have Ben Greenfield as your personal trainer in the comfort of your own home for 7 weeks to improve your health, longevity and discover the secrets that can extend your quality of life, he is definitely someone worth listening to and you can listen to him in his free masterclass.

The five myths of aging.

Below I will give you a summary of the five myths that can be fatal if you have these beliefs, fatal for your health, your longevity and your quality of life, however, you can see the full explanation in the masterclass.

These are beliefs that studies have shown are not true.

myth 1

The first belief tells us that it is not possible to be in shape after a certain age.

How many people believe this and it is something that is very easy to believe when we see real evidence of older relatives, who seem to have no way to accommodate them, they are old, weak and fragile.

However, studies show the opposite, that it is possible to be fit at any age. We are currently learning what it takes to live many years with a high quality of life and that is what you will learn in the program.

Myth 2.

The second belief is that as you get older you become frail, weak and no longer productive in society.

The new reality is that you can keep your strength, energy and a good body when you reach old age, the best thing about this is that if old people maintain their vitality they are a great contribution to society because they are people with many years of experience that have much to contribute.

Myth 3.

We must spend many hours exercising to be in shape.

This myth comes from so many training programs where we are forced to spend at least an hour doing high-intensity exercises in order to “get fit”.

I don’t know about you, but I have used those programs that leave you exhausted, with no desire to continue exercising and with very little results. We can’t all be Olympic athletes and train eight hours a day to get fit.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend many hours training, that’s just a false belief.

Studies show that the world’s oldest people get low levels of daily exercise, breathe clean air, get good sun exposure, and drink clean water.

What we don’t see is that they spend long hours in the gym. This program does not try to spend long hours training as we see in other programs that propose thirty minutes to an hour a day.

Exercising, long hours of exercise is not a requirement to be strong, fit and healthy, especially for those who do not enjoy long hours of exercise.

Ben suggests thirty to sixty minutes a week. Yes, you read correctly, a week, not a day. With short exercises that have the same impact as a thirty minute workout, you can see the full explanation in the masterclass.

Myth 4.

You can look good without being in shape.

You need to be fit to look good but not like most people think. The common belief is to spend hours in the gym to get in shape, running every day or doing yoga.

The problem with this strategy is that it focuses on physical health and in only one area, the key is to combine physical health with longevity and health.

Ben’s program focuses on four fundamental pillars to look good, have quality of life, be fit and live longer:

  • Physical condition.
  • Health.
  • Beauty.
  • Longevity.

myth v.

One type of physical activity is enough. This belief is associated with the previous one, such as only going to the gym, only running or only doing yoga.

Yoga gives you flexibility and mobility, weight training gives you muscle mass, strength and power, running gives you cardio and endurance.

But with only one type of activity we will not have a balance. You need to work on all five fitness parameters.

  • Strength and muscle mass.
  • Resistance and anaerobic capacity.
  • Resistance and cardio.
  • Metabolic efficiency, being able to burn fat.
  • Mobility and recovery.
  • You need a comprehensive program for all of these parameters, not just a yoga program or weight training program. A comprehensive program that uses proven techniques, backed by science, and delivers results without spending long hours in a gym.

    The strategies of the program are the secrets of longevity.

    The program gives you a practical system with 10 strategies to make your body strong, look lean, feel energetic, vital and live long.

    Focusing on the four areas mentioned above: longevity, fitness, beauty and health.

    You will learn about metabolic efficiency so that your body learns to use fat as a fuel source, you will discover biohacking tricks to make small changes such as the hot and cold technique while you shower or the coffee trick.

    You will see new modern techniques like super slow and ancient exercises like intermittent fasting for better results.

    If you want to learn these strategies and have a more detailed vision of everything I mention in this article, visit Ben’s masterclass in it you will learn much more and he will even give you a list of things you can do today to start improving your life instantly.

    You will have the opportunity to transform your health and body. If you want to purchase the program directly you can go here.

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