How to Create Your Subliminal Audios Quick and Easy

I want to teach you everything you need to record your own personalized subliminal audios like a professional easily and quickly by following four simple steps, taking into account some considerations and recommendations so that you get the best audios.

What do you need to create subliminal audio?

To create subliminal audio you need four elements, three essential and one non-essential:

  • A computer or laptop. (essential)
  • A software to mix the sounds and create the audio. (essential)
  • A list of affirmations. (essential)
  • A music file, ambient or relaxing sounds. (Not essensial)

In this case, we will use Mindzoom’s “subliminal mixer” software which allows you to create your subliminal audio quickly, the link will take you to the official page where you can purchase it. Through this Guía you will see that with this software you can make personalized professional audio by adding alpha, beta or theta waves and isochronic or binaural sounds, which I will explain in detail during the article.

How to create subliminal audio in 4 simple steps?

Once you have your computer or laptop at hand and you have installed the software, open the “mixer” or “mixer” section.

  • Step one: load the base sound.
  • Step two: upload subliminal audio.
  • Step Three: Add the binaural or isochronic tones and the beta, alpha, or theta waves.
  • Step four: mix and download.

As you can see in the image, you can see each of the steps you must follow, then I will explain each one.

Step One: Load the Base Sound

The base sound is the music file that you are going to listen to when the audio is finished, it is recommended that the base file contain classical and relaxing music or sounds of nature. Subliminal messages are best received by the mind when it is in a relaxed state.

You also have the option of not uploading any music files and creating, with the same help of the software, a silent base sound, simply select the option generate silent sound. In this way, the final result will be an audio where you will only hear the binaural or ischronic tones, if you add any, and the subliminal audio.

Step Two: Upload Subliminal Audio

This is the most important step, since this is where you will convert the affirmations into subliminal audios, they will be the words that you want to repeat to your subconscious so that it accepts. To create these affirmations and upload them, you have three options:

Option 1: The software already comes with more than a thousand affirmations preloaded and classified in different areas, the only thing you have to do is select the topic for example; affirmations for success or to improve concentration, and the same software will transform the written affirmations into speech. What you should do is select the file and click ok (as shown in the image below).

You can also write your own affirmations by opening the affirmations editor, and then the software will take care of converting them into speech. This system works very well when they are affirmations in English, the detail is that the affirmations in Spanish, the “robot” voice does not pronounce them very well. I personally prefer to use option two.

As you can see in the image, all the preloaded affirmations come in English, although it is possible to add a folder through the affirmation editor and write them in Spanish. This is very useful when you want to use the software to play visual subliminal affirmations on your screen, instead of creating subliminal audio.

Option 2: Record the affirmations in your own voice. The software also allows you to record your own affirmations using your laptop’s internal microphone or by connecting a microphone and it’s very easy. You simply have to hit the record button, read aloud the affirmations you want to hear, then hit save, your affirmations file is ready to be transformed into subliminal audio.

This is one of the best options since there are authors of personal growth, such as Joe Vitale, who recommends recording the audios with your own voice, because in this way it is as if you were talking to yourself, relying on the power of autosuggestion, instead of an external voice speaking to you, which would be the suggestion of another person.

Tip: When finished, listen to your recording. The volume may need to be adjusted if the recording is too soft or too loud.

Option 3: Upload a file you already have with the recorded affirmations. In this case, if you already have a file containing the affirmations, the software allows you to upload the file as you can see in the image.

Do not worry about the duration of the affirmations, if the duration of the subliminal sound is shorter than that of the base sound, which is the most normal, the affirmations will repeat automatically throughout the playback.

Step Three: Add the Binaural or Isochronic Tones

In this step you are going to add the binaural or isochronic tones, they may sound like complicated terms but it is actually quite simple.

Binaural tone are audio tones that are played at different frequencies and enter the brain separately (one through the left ear and one through the right). Isochronic tones are created in a single tone that is the same for both ears at the same time. However, both have the same purpose.

Personally I prefer to record it in the binaural tone, in that case suitably separated headphones or stereo speakers are recommended to listen to binaural tones. You also have the option to not add any tones and skip to step four.

If you want to know how subliminal audio sounds, I am attaching a sound file for you to listen to. This is an example of an isochronic (alpha) subliminal audio, with silent base sound, the recorded affirmation reads: “I am completely open to receiving more prosperity in all areas of my life.”

The main thing to understand, regardless of whether it is binaural or isochronic, is to choose the wave that you want to reproduce and these waves are divided into alpha, beta and theta, these waves will help your brain to enter a frequency, since the brain has a tendency natural to shift its dominant frequency toward the frequency of an external stimulus. To put you in context, I will explain a little what each wave means.

Our brain works in five main frequency ranges:

Delta of 4 Hz or less, deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness.
Theta 4-7 Hz, dreams, deep meditation, REM sleep.
Alpha 7-13 Hz, relaxation (while awake), sleepiness before sleep and before awakening.
Beta 13-40 Hz, active, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration, arousal, cognition.
Gamma 40 Hz or higher, higher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, fear, and awareness.

Depending on the nature of the affirmations, the brain is more receptive when it is in a certain brain wave state. The software allows you to select between Alpha, Beta and Theta wave patterns.

Alpha waves are recommended for affirmations related to: light relaxation, stress reduction, creativity, visualization, mental reprogramming, accelerated learning, inspiration, happiness, stable emotions, stopping anxiety, fears, depression, worries, finding love, etc.

Theta waves are recommended for affirmations related to: deep relaxation, meditation, insomnia support, stress relief, astral projection, lucid dreaming, etc.

Beta waves are recommended for affirmations related to: concentration, confidence building, leadership, making money, sports, mental alertness, anti-addiction, energy, motivation, attention, focus, memory improvement, sports improvement, etc.

As a warning, never listen to sounds that induce sleep while driving, such as alpha, theta, meditation, hypnosis, among others.

The different frequencies of the brain is a fairly complex, extensive and advanced topic, if you want to go deeper I recommend reading the article altered states of consciousness. However, when you use it in subliminal affirmations what you want is for these sounds to help you get into a particular state, whether it’s keeping your mind awake and alert in a beta state, relaxing in an alpha state or a sleepy theta state.

When it comes to enhancing learning or reprogramming your mind with new beliefs or habit changes, the ideal is the alpha state.

Step Four: Mix and Download

Finally, the only thing you have to do in this step is to allow the software to do its work, by clicking the mix and save button. In this step the software will be in charge of joining the sounds, when it is finished you will have to select the folder where you want the file to be downloaded and the format, you can choose between .mp3 or .wav, the .mp3 is of better quality. Once downloaded it is ready to be listened to, from there you can send it to your phone or any other player.

Personalized subliminal audios

Personalized subliminal audios are recordings that adapt to your objectives and your needs, they are ideal to focus on a specific area in which you need help. It is a great advantage to have your personalized audios and even better if they are recorded with your own voice. Since you can find many generic subliminal audios on the market, but you may not find the ones you need, in this case it is better to create them, which, as you can see, is very simple.

For that reason it is so useful to have software like mindzoom (the link will take you to the official page) that allows you to create your own audios, in addition to other functions included in the software such as visual subliminal affirmations that you can play on the screen of your computer or laptop while you dedicate yourself to other things, in this way you will not only stimulate your mind with audio, but also visually.

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