90 Inspiring Viking Phrases

The sagas of the Vikings, although full of wars and conflicts, contain in turn a great inspirational value in which we can find passages about honor, brotherhood, family, courage and wisdom.

Viking phrases provide us with an abundant source of inspiration and gallantry that we can use in all kinds of life situations that require our impetus. They will fill you with the necessary courage to face your day and solve the situations in which you find yourself.

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Here are 90 phrases about Vikings.

1. “Your back is vulnerable, unless you have a real brother.” Saga of Grettir.

2. “It is better to fight and fall than to live without hope.” Volsunga.

3. “Many times it is not the numbers that get the victory, but those that charge forward with the greatest vigor.” Saga of Thrond of Gate.

4. “Nothing good can happen to a person who breaks his oaths.” Saga of Hrafnkel Freysgothi.

5. “Never try to cheat your teacher.” Saga of Njal.

6. “Wisdom is welcome wherever it comes from.” Bandamanna Saga. Do you know what the difference is between wisdom and knowledge?

7. “Too much drink makes a man’s heart exposed.” Saga of Olaf Haraldsson.

8. “With the Law our land will be established, and without the Law it will have been in vain.” Saga of Njal.

9. “Do not fear death, for your final hour is set and no one can escape it.” Volsunga.

10. “The most important baggage of our travels is wisdom.” Hávamál.

11. “Do not trust one whose father, brother or other relative has been killed no matter how young, for the wolf often grows within the child.” Saga of Volsunga.

12. “It is better to die with honor than to live with shame.” Saga of the Jomsvikings.

13. “That which has a bad beginning is likely to end badly.” Saga of Hen-Thorir.

14. “Often what happens to most others will also happen to you.” Eyrbyggja Saga.

15. “There is a time for everything.” Saga of Grettir.

16. “Backbiting often brings trouble.” Saga of Gisli Sursson.

17. “The common man always loves the new.” Saga of Olaf Haraldsson.

18. “A rotten branch will be found on every tree.” Haraldsson’s Saga of Olaf.

19. “The one you trust the most may be the one who lets you down the most.” Saga of Fljotsdalur.

20. “The brave man will fight and win, however dull his sword is.” Fafnismal.

21. “Old friends are the last to part.” Saga of Grettir. Do you know the phrases for friends?

22. “Misfortune is the result of letting fear reign over actions.” Harald Hardrade Saga. Do you know what other people think about the fear of being wrong?

23. “Relatives with relatives must be faithful.” Saga of Olaf Haraldsson.

24. “Making big resolutions, and setting them aside, will only end in dishonor.” Saga of King Olaf Trygvisson.

25. “The sword must be sharp even in the sheath. So should the mind and spirit be within the body.” Volsunga.

26. “When men meet enemies on the battlefield, a solid heart is better than a sharp sword.” Volsunga.

27. “With many who get power and honor, pride is what sustained them.” Saga of Magnus the Good.

28. “Only the slave takes instant revenge; the coward never. Saga of Grettir.

29. “Only the coward waits to be taken, like a deer by the fox.” Saga of Laxdaela.

30. “Disgrace is abandoning honor and integrity in exchange for injustice and greed.” Bandamanna Saga. Do you know the phrases of injustice?

31. “Do not let your mind be influenced by foolish men.” Saga of Volsunga.

32. “He who knows himself is a wise man.” Saga of Hrafnkel Freysgothi.

33. “Giving way is an old custom of the wise.” Harald Hardrade Saga.

34. “A person’s actions are often worse than their intentions.” Saga of Hrafnkel Freysgothi.

35. “A person should not agree today with what he will regret tomorrow.” Bandamanna Saga.

36. “Stubbornness brings great humiliation or great honor.” Saga of Hrafnkel Freysgothi.

37. “When the truth and what is just are different from the law, it is better to follow the truth and what is just.” Bandamanna Saga.

38. “Great deeds and bad deeds often fall into each other’s shadow.” Saga of Gisli Sursson.

39. “When you go on trips, take care of yourself.” Saga of Volsunga.

40. “Only cowards go crestfallen.” Thorstein Staff-struck Saga.

41. “Who can really know what sadness carefree people keep until the end of their lives.” Saga of Volsunga.

42. “One often finds that, when meeting the enemy, he is not the bravest of all.” Fafnismal.

43. “Give kind attention to the dead; treat their bodies with respect and make sure they are buried respectfully.” Saga of Volsunga.

44. “When you hear the terrible words of a drunk, do not worry about him, because only misfortune and perdition will come out of such situations.” Volsunga.

45. “He who falls has no true friends to help him on his way.” Egil Saga.

46. ​​”All a people needs to rise up against a tyranny is a leader brave enough to carry the flag.” Harald Hardrade Saga.

47. “The terrible thing is to do what is bad and leave what is good without being done.” Saga of Króka-refs.

48. “You should not ask for more than is adequate.” Saga of Króka-refs.

49. “Not all clouds that darken the day bring rain.” Heitharvega Saga.

50. “Fight with your enemies in the field, or perish within your house.” Saga of Volsunga.

51. “No one is a complete idiot if they know when to hold their tongue.” Saga of Grettir.

52. “Eagles should show their claws even though they are dying.” Saga of Olaf Haraldsson.

53. “Where there are wolf ears, there are wolf teeth nearby.” Saga of Volsunga.

54. “It is best that a man’s words seek peace whenever possible.” Heitharvega.

55. “It is a disgrace to take the love of another man’s wife.” Volsunga.

56. “Be judged by your own judgment and not by what others say.” Gudmundur Jonsson.

57. “Don’t expect to make progress with a fragile canvas.” Eyrbyggja Saga.

58. “Better is a short period of honor than a long reign of shame.” Saga of Laxdaela.

59. “There are consolations greater than money.” Saga of Grettir.

60. “Words carry power, even when the mouth is closed.” Saga of Vapnfirðinga.

61. “Evil is born from the most evil.” Saga of Hen-Thorir.

62. “There is more honor in accumulating little by little than trying to reach the sky and fall on your face.” Saga of Vatnsdæla.

63. “It is better to go slow and safe.” Saga of Njal.

64. “Let another’s wounds be a warning to you.” Saga of Njal.

65. “Courage is half the victory.” Harald Hardrade Saga.

66. “Every man must plow his own land.” Saga of Vapnfirðinga.

67. “Bad advice leads to a bad ending.” Saga of Magnus.

68. “The brave succeed wherever they go.” Saga of Magnus.

69. “If words leave the lips, they travel far.” Saga of Fljotsdalur.

70. “Evil begets evil.” Saga of Fljotsdalur.

71. “Many are wise after the event.” Saga of Fljotsdalur.

72. “The council of fools is worse the more numerous it is.” Saga of Laxdaela.

73. “Numbers can’t beat resistance.” Harald Hardrade Saga.

74. “A hungry wolf will always put up a hard fight.” Saga of Laxdaela.

75. “Never swear falsely; Serious and severe is the reward of breaking an oath.” Volsunga.

76. “A person should always exhibit caution at any time. Although many wish for the good, misfortune is often stronger. Atlamol in Gronlenzku.

77. “A man must have his plan well established before participating in a great mission or attracting others to it.” Saga of Ref the Cunning.

78. “One must always warn even the foolish to sit too close to the fire.” Heitharvega Saga.

79. “Many of those who break tomahawks are more braggart than brains.” Saga of Grettir.

80. “The idiot is busy with the lives of everyone else but his own.” Kormak Saga.

81. “Often anger is blind to the truth.” Foster brother saga.

82. “Everyone has a friend, even among their enemies.” Saga of Olaf Haraldsson.

83. “It is better to have a low position in life and be free, than to have a position of power only to be subjected to the will of another.” Saga of Olaf Haraldsson.

84. “There are very few things that cannot be replaced by others.” Saga of Olaf Haraldsson.

85. “Be kind to your friends and relatives, and do not reward transgressions against you.” Volsunga.

86. “Short is the time to act, and long is the time to feast.” Saga of Hakon the Good.

87. “There is often more regret in saying a lot than in saying a little.” Saga of Hrafnkel Freysgothi.

89. “Learn from another’s affliction.” Saga of Njal.

90. “Gold is a tiny consolation for the death of a relative.” Saga of Örvar Odd.


As we can easily see from these collected quotes, the Vikings were not just a group of savage warriors.

Although that was a very important aspect of their culture, it turns out that the universal values ​​of all modern human civilization were also very important to them, with great emphasis on family, loyalty, humility and the victory of courage over fear. .

All of these phrases come from the Icelandic sagas, so anyone wanting more Viking inspiration will especially want to look into Olaf Haraldsson’s saga (better known as “Heimskringla”), written by historian and poet Snorri Sturluson, where you can find more passages of great wisdom and poetic value, as well as learn more about the history of ancient Scandinavia.

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