What is the difference between Jealousy and Envy?

These feelings are inspired by different reasons. Jealousy happens due to sentimental ties between people, while envy is a material greed, a disgust for a feeling of inferiority.


They are a toxic emotion that is born in a personal love relationship of all kinds, whether between couples, family or friends. It arises when a person feels that their relationship or esteem is being minimized or affected by the presence of another person.

When jealousy exists, a rivalry is created between two or more people for someone’s affection and attention. Feeling jealousy is synonymous with insecurity, either due to fear, low self-esteem or low confidence. In general, jealousy is accompanied by negative attitudes such as harassment, abuse, among others.


It is the consequence of a feeling of inferiority in the face of the success of others. It is greed or ambition towards the goods, circumstances and achievements that another person reaches. Envy has a clearly material direction, emotions are rarely involved.

An envious person is frustrated in the face of the triumphs of others, also in the face of their virtues or talents. He considers that she deserves more than that person and should be in her place. Envy is often accompanied by other negative feelings such as suffering, frustration or anger.

Differences between jealousy and envy

  • A person feels jealous when he sees his relationship threatened by another person, while a person feels envious when he does not own someone’s material things or successes.
  • A person feels jealous when they see that a loved one is replacing their daily life with a new person.
  • A person feels envy when he sees that he cannot do what another does.
  • A jealous person distrusts and harasses. An envious person criticizes or devalues ​​the other.
  • Jealousy is fear of sharing. Envy is lack of faith in oneself.

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