What is the difference between boquerón and anchovy?

It is important to start by saying that they come from the same fish, the bocarte. That if the main difference lies in its preparation. The anchovy is usually prepared in vinegar. Instead, anchovies are prepared with a salt base. In this article we are going to explain all the differences between these two names of fish so that you know how to differentiate them in a clear and simple way.

What is a anchovy?

It is a gastronomic preparation of blue fish called “Bocarte”. This fish is small in size, only about 15-20 centimeters long. However, and apart from its morphological characteristics, which we will mention later; It should be noted that the anchovy has a high value in the market.

Characteristics of anchovies

Regarding the morphological characteristics, the first thing to note is that the bocarte is a small fish, since the maximum size it can have is approximately 22 centimeters. On the other hand, it should be mentioned that its head is elongated, with a pointed snout, and a short lower jaw.

As for the fins, the dorsal of this is 15-18 rays, located in the middle of the body, behind the pelvic fin. On the other hand, the caudal fin is more recumbent, and it has two scales at its intersection with the body.

As far as color is concerned, it had been mentioned that this fish is blue in color, and the flanks are silver in color, with a dark line bordering them. It is also necessary to mention the high price of this fish, due to its high demand in the market, being widely consumed.

Now, in terms of preparation, when bocarte fish is made in vinegar or oil, it is called boquerón.

What is an anchovy?

It is essential to remember that both the anchovy and the boquerón belong to the same type of fish (Engraulis encrasicolus), which means that, when you bite.

Now, taking the latter into account, it can be said that bocarte is fish, and anchovies and anchovies are a type of preparation of this fish. With this premise, we can affirm that the anchovy is a mouthful, but prepared in preserves.

Characteristics of anchovies

What distinguishes the anchovy is its particular way of preparation. The preserve is made by gutting and decapitating the fish. Later the bocarte is introduced in barrels, where it alternates in layers of fish and layers of salt; leaving it like this for a few months, so that the fish dehydrates.

Subsequently, the skin of the fish and the salt are removed; and after being completely dry, the thorns are removed. All this process is what characterizes the anchovy, leaving it with that peculiar salty flavor, which makes it ideal to accompany a wide variety of foods.

Difference between boquerón and anchovy

  • The first thing to mention is that it is important to differentiate these three names: Bocarte, boquerón, and anchovy. For this, it should be mentioned that bocarte is fresh fish; the bocarón is the same fish, but prepared in vinegar; and the bocarte, belongs to the same family, but elaborated in salt.
  • Lastly, it should be noted that most anchovies are canned, so after being prepared they can last for a long time at room temperature; something that does not happen with the anchovy.

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